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Dead of Night

*Project Overview:*

We are thrilled to introduce an upcoming film project that boasts a compelling narrative set against the stunning backdrop of Apple Valley, CA. As devoted filmmakers, we have poured our hearts into this endeavor, self-funding it to maintain the authenticity and integrity of our creative vision.


Ravi, a shy, aspiring rapper, takes a job as a night watchman on a remote ranch in the desert. The owner seems weird, but Ravi is desperate for work. Plus he can use the long, quiet nights to work on lyrics. Fortunately Maryann, the cute horse trainer, and AJ, the effortlessly cool handyman, make him feel welcome. But in the dead of night when he’s all alone Ravi starts to feel like he’s the one being watched. And not only by the ranch owner and his quiet, pregnant daughter. Strange figures stalk him on his rounds… A mysterious woman in white. A sinister man in black. And a tall, jangled entity that lurks in the darkness. As the terrifying experiences increase Ravi tries quitting, but the owner begs him to stay. When a rapping opportunity presents itself on a night he’s supposed to work, Ravi must decide between chasing his dreams or facing a nightmare.

Pulsing with unique hip hop music, wild surprises and plenty of scares, this is a rollercoaster ride that blurs the lines between fear and fun. Audiences will be laughing one minute, screaming the next, and ultimately trying to catch their breath. This is a fresh horror movie putting a spin on the genre while staying true to what horror fans love: genuine scares.  “The Last Exorcism” meets “Dave” with “Baby Driver” at the helm.

Project : “Dead Of Night”

(Full length feature film)


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